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•   Susan Shuman (Drummer)  11/23
•   Ralph Spangler  11/22
•   Cynthia Myers (Young)  10/8
•   John (Jack) Brown  10/7
•   Richard Sgrignoli  10/4
•   Eric Carr  9/3
•   Marc Smith  9/1
•   Steve Zeigler  8/31
•   Ann von Jess  8/28
•   James Heckler  8/17
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in California
10 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
8 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
104 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
6 live in Virginia
3 live in Washington
289 location unknown
32 are deceased


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 24.3%

A:   110   Joined
B:   343   Not Joined


Cumberland Valley High School Class of 1973


Currently Reaching "120" Members Via Social Media


Successfully Contacted Over "160" Class Members Total

11 March 2014



- 486 Confirmed Alumni

----- 31 Deceased

---------- 17 Prior to 2013/2014 Survey

---------- 14 Additional During 2013/2014 Survey

----- 163 Confirmed (Successful) Contacts

---------- 101 CVHS73 Members

---------- 19 Class of 73 Facebook Members (Not Member of CVHS73 WebSite)

---------- 43 Responses Via E-Mail Only

----- 292 No Responses/Contact     (SEE NAMES BELOW)

---------- 189 with Previous (Historical) Addresses (Postcards Sent Successfully BUT No Response)

---------- 103 No Successful Contact Attempts

--------------- 45 with Previous (Historical) Addresses (Postcards Returned as Invalid Address/Addressee)

--------------- 58 with No Historical Address/Contact Info (No Contact Attempt Possible)

- 13 Unconfirmed Alumni (per ClassMates.COM) (No Responses to Messages)


Password Issues

It's been brought to my attention that some are having password issues when attempting to login.  If you are unable to login at any time and are unable to change your password on your own, please send me a message, and I will rectify that for you with a temporary password.  Thanks.....and my apologies.


I am still keeping the Class of 1973 Alumni Spreadsheet up-to-date in terms of Contact Info and other Vitals as people join the sites (CVHS73 & Facebook) in case there is a situation to turn this info over to a new lead.  I certainly do not want to provide any successor erroneous or omitted data when classmates took the time to provide those updates to me.


It is nice to see people using the site to communicate and getting back in touch with one another as an interim option to any reunion.  I know it's been a while since I had surveyed the successful contacts as to whether any would be willing to serve on the Reunion Committee, but if any are [still] [or newly] interested in assisting with the planning, please let me know, and we'll get together.  Some have offered (on Facebook) to get a dinner together, but there hasn't been much response to that (I think I've only seen two responses).  This is certainly not a "dead" subject, so if anyone is interested, please respond on Facebook (and/or here) to that earlier suggestion.  


Classmates Still Missing in Action


Albright Janice   C Carol    
Allwein Diane   K Kay   Oyler
Anderson Galen   L Luverne    
Anderson Nancy   E Eilene   Kline
Andrews James   L Lee    
Ansel Robert   M Miller Jr  
Archbold Kenneth   W      
Archer Craig   R Robert    
Aris Joyce   E Elizabeth    
Ashenden Stuart   C      
Audino Russell          
Banks Kathy   A Ann   Howard
Barger Karen   A Alverta   Beissel
Barrick Diane   K Kay   Sadler
Barrick George   A Allen    
Basehore David   G Galen    
Bower Jill   A Ann   Dunkle
Bower Thomas   E      
Bowers Sara   J Jane    
Brandt James Jim P Paul    
Brenizer Barbara   S Susan   Willier
Breon Charlton   D David    
Bretz Sylvia   K Kay   Morrow
Bromley Melanie   J Jo   Kullman
Brooks Steven   A Allen    
Browand Ann   E Elizabeth   Debien
Brown John   D Douglas    
Brown Joyce   L Louise    
Brown Scott   A Allen    
Brussese Steven   A Alan    
Brydon Eric   S      
Burbrink Thomas   J      
Burrell William   E Edward    
Butler Susan   C Carol   Barnes
Camp Robert   L      
Campbell Jean    E      
Canney William Bill H Hugh Jr  
Chamberlin Kerry   L Lee    
Chasarik Barbara   M E Maria Elisabeth    
Chavez Nancy   J Jo    
Cheskey Carol   A Ann    
Chilson Yvonne   R Rae   Andrew
Chrisemer Pamela   M Marie   Bozurgui
Chronister Nancy   L Louise    
Cook Sandra   L     Wolf
Corbe Nancy   R Roberta   Knecht
Cortner Chris   E      
Cree Michael   B      
Dame Alison         Pasqualini
D'Amico Lynn   E     Sanderson
Daniels Deborah Debbie S Susan   Sargeant
Danner Rebecca Becky L Lee   Rynard
Dean John   A      
Dechesne Denise   V Valerie   Hornberger
Deckman Debra   K Kay   Rupp
Deitch Charles   A      
Derr Kent   E      
DiMartino Joan Joani       Pradetto
Dluzeski Martin   E Edward    
Doerr Patricia   A Ann    
Dorner Mark   E Edward    
Dukes Michelle   L Louise   LaBelle
Eichinger Mary   A Ann   Solomon
Einhorn Joy    P Patricia    
Eiswerth Barbara   J Jean    
Ellenberger Pamela   L      
Emeigh Susan   E      
Emlet Diane   E      
Eppley Cynthia   J Jane   Bowermaster
Erece Forentino   M      
Essig Jean Jeani L Louise   McConnell
Everitts Deborah   L Lynn    
Faulk Dean   J Jay    
Field Joan Joani L Lucille   Fusco
Finch Walter Walt P Paul    
Frantz Holly   L Lynn   DiGiovanni
Freeburn Patricia         Pineiro
Freeman Susan   A     Hart
Fromm James   R      
Fry Jeffrey   L Lynn    
Furlan Linda   S Su   Gregg
Garlick Jeffrey   L Lee    
Gasswint Deborah   A Ann   Wertz
Gastrock Beauford Randy R Randall    
George Barbara   J Joan    
Gettel Laura         Zier
Getz Eugene Gene W Warren    
Giffin Pamila/Pamela   E Evelyn    
Goodling Jeffrey Jeff L Lynn    
Gordon Dwight   D David    
Gross David   G Gregory    
Gutshall Harris Mike M Michael    
Hair William   E      
Hamilton Robin   J Jean    
Hankins Debra   J Joanne   Johnson
Hartman Velva   E     Wilgus
Harwood Jane   E Ellison   Eley
Hayes Karen   S Sue   Tiede
Heck Samuel   R      
Hefflefinger Debbie   A Ann   Hershey
Heishman Lafayette Ben B      
Hendrickson Paul   S      
Henning Donald   J James    
Henry Carolyn   L Louise   Krause
Herr Debra          
Herstine Pamela   J      
Hinda Cheryl   L Lynne    
Hockley Kenneth   J      
Hoffman John   H      
Hoffman Robert   C Carl    
Holzworth Rhonda Rhonni R     Wagner
Honsinger John Mike M Michael    
Hoover Debra   A Ann   Behm
Hostetter Debra   J Jo    
Houseman Albert   W      
Houser Diane   K Kay    
Hunter Debra   J Jean   Anderson
Hutton William   R Russell    
Jenkins Edward   R      
Johnson John   H      
Jones Jay   E Eugene    
Jones Terri   L     Davis
Karlson Mark   E      
Karns Robert Bob A Allen Sr  
Kaspar Lori   J June   Stubbs
Kautz Deborah Gracie A     Lucy-Keefer
Keck Anita   F Faye   Fahnestock
Keeley Deborah Debi A Ann   Flynn
Keim Harry   H Hubert    
Keller James   C Collins    
Kenes Denise   K Kay   Graham
Kerr Jeffrey   L Lynn    
Kerstetter Kent   S Steven    
Kessler Linda   K      
Kilgore David   J      
Kirkpatrick Richard   J      
Kissinger Linda   J Jane   Stevenson
Kistler Diane   L Louise   Barrick
Klemick Elyse   A Andrea   Ament
Kohler David   J Joseph    
Kramer David Dave A      
Krautheim Timothy   M Michael    
Kreitzer Elizabeth   A Ann    
Krout Elmer Gene E Eugene III  
Lanser Keith   R      
Largent Denise   A      
Lee Karen   J Jo   Smith
Lefever Debra   S Sue    
Letscher Tana   L Lynnette   Dale
Lewellen Barry   L Lynn    
Lieberman Sandra         Webb
Maltais Jay   F Frederick    
Marietta Bruce   G Gary    
Marinaro Jill   L Lorraine    
Martin Elizabeth          
McCalister Patricia          
McCann Kathleen          
McCarthy Kenneth   L Lee    
McGowan Richard   J James    
McHale Donald   P Paul Jr  
Meier Lynne   A Alison   Peiffer
Meinke Randolph Randy F Frank    
Mentzer Lee   A Ann   Schin
Messinger Norman   K Keith    
Michelotti Diane         Dumas
Miller David   E      
Miller Rusty   L Lee    
Miller Valerie   A Ann   Kerstetter
Mitchell Kent   N Norman    
Morrow Gary   L Lee    
Motter Barbara   A     Vogler
Musser Harry   D David    
Musser Michael   L Lee    
Myers Stephen   R      
Naugle Barbara   A Ann   Irvin
Neibert Smith Smitty E Edward    
Nilsen Jeffrey   L Lee    
Norris Steven Steve A Alan    
Noss Steven   E Edward    
O'Handley Thomas   P Patrick    
O'Hara Richard   E Eugene    
Olewiler Susan   J Jane   Perry
Orris Linda   S Sue   Baublitz
Orris Michael   J Joseph    
Orris Susan   L Lynne    
Osborne John   G      
Ottery Theresa   A Adrienne    
Palmer Becky   J Jo   Rees
Palmer Debra Debbie E Elaine    
Paulus K   W Wayne    
Pentz Michael   A      
Pherson Cynthia   K      
Picking Jay   E Eugene    
Pike Joseph   C Charles    
Potteiger Ronald   L Lee    
Powell Robert   L Lee    
Powers Pamela   R Robords    
Preston Jeanne   A Allyn   Grosz
Priar Dale   R Robert    
Prowell Lisa   A Anne   Pepper
Punda Douglas   R Richard    
Quigley John   N Norman    
Radabaugh Gary   L Lee    
Radabaugh John   L Lee    
Rau Donna          
Reed Karen Jo   S     Ballentine
Rees Lawrence Larry S Stanley    
Reitz Scott   E Edwin    
Renard Edward   W      
Reyna Cathy   A Ann   Lenyo
Ritchey Patricia   J Joy   Ridings
Ritter Nancy   P Paget    
Ritter Rodney   C Charles    
Robbins Carol   L Louise    
Robson Charles Charlie A Albert III  
Rodgers Joyce   A Ann   Raudabaugh
Romberger Karen   L     Hoyer
Ronemus Kathy   J     Powell
Rotz Ronald Ed E Edwin Jr  
Rowland Karen   A Ann   Shanti
Ruby Donna   J Jane    
Rudy David   C Craig    
Ryan Edward   L Lawrence    
Saussaman Robert   W      
Schultz Philip   M/L      
Sechrist Melinda   A Ann   Putt
Seibel Gregory   A Alan    
Sheaffer Elaine         Penner
Shepherd Valerie   J Jane   Miller
Shughart Elizabeth   J Jane   Schlusser
Siple Dewey   S Scott    
Smith Dean   H      
Smith Deborah   J     Rees
Smith Michael   H Harrison    
Smithers Deborah    J Jean    
Snyder Robert   H   Jr  
Spahr Kevin   L      
Sponsler Donald   W Wesley    
Stathes James   P Paul    
Stauffer Debra   A Ann    
Steele James Jim D      
Stone Rex   T Terry    
Sultzaberger Harold   L   Jr  
Sunday Sabrina   A Ann    
Swanger Susan   D Diane   Stoner
Swigart Lisa   J     Pilsitz
Sworen Steve          
Talbot Guy          
Thomas Robert   L Lee    
Thomas Wayne   E Ernest    
Thompson Jennifer   E      
Tichonevicz Michael   C Charles    
Tiller Suzanne          
Trethaway Thomas Tom R Russell    
Troutman Mimi         Schaible
Tschop Kaye   A Anne    
Turman Cynthia   S Sue    
Updegraff Sandra Sandi J June   Corman
Uttley Pamela   I Irene   Forney
Valentine Linda   E     Woodring
Vaughn Linda   A Ann   Bolen
Vogelsong Linda   L Lee   Koval
Vogelsong Sylvan Ock L Lee Jr  
Walters Gary   E Edward    
Walters Jeffrey   A Alan    
Washock Frank   M Mike    
Wayne Richard   A Allen    
Werner Sharon   A Ann   Rose
Wert Ronald    E Eugene    
Wertz Debra   A Ann    
Westhafer Michael   L Lee    
Whitcomb Betsy   L Lee   Findley
Wiest Carol   A Ann   Hummel
Wiest Gary   M Michael Sr  
Wilkinson Deborah   A Ann   Noss
Williams Byron   J Jack Jr  
Williams Michael   C      
Willingham Robert   B   Jr  
Winchell Michael   E      
Wise Tana   L      
Wolf Cheryl   C Coleen   Lowery
Wolf Gary   S Stephen    
Wright Ginger   S Sue   Goudie
Yohe Edgar   G Gerald    
Zalesky Kathleen   M     Albright
Ziemke Kathleen   S Sue   Simmons/Broadbent
Zimmerman Deborah   K Kay