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09/28/16 06:46 PM #82    


Daryl Gochenauer

Planning to get together Saturday, November 5th,  8:00, at the Middlesex Diner for breakfast. 

09/29/16 09:50 AM #83    

Barbara Brandenburg (Gibson)

I should be able to make it. 

09/29/16 11:49 AM #84    


Deborah Knecht (White)

I'll be there, good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!

02/17/17 10:24 PM #85    


Daryl Gochenauer

Hey "Breakfast Gang".....Mark your calanders.  Breakfast at the Middlesex Diner  Saturday, March 4th @  8:00 .  Eric Carr,  Please post on facebook.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.



02/18/17 09:18 AM #86    


Deborah Knecht (White)

I'll be there!

03/03/17 08:38 PM #87    


Richard Sgrignoli

Just a reminder about the CVHS73 Breakfast Club at Middlesex Diner tomorrow (Saturday March 4th) morning at 8:00am.....

04/28/17 04:16 PM #88    


Richard Sgrignoli

Ric Carr has posted on the CVHS73 Facebook page about a Class Breakfast at Middlesex Diner (on Carlisle Pike) on Saturday 6 May 2017 at 8:00am.  Please let us know if you can make it so that we can arrange a large enough dining area.

Also, just as a heads-up, Randy Parsons is arranging a night out at "Your Place" (6035 Carlisle Pike on Thursday 1 June 2017 at 6:30pm until at least 9:00pm (maybe even later).  A great time had by all during the last event!!!  Again, if you can make it this, as well, let us know.






04/29/17 11:06 AM #89    


Shari Baran (Zimmerman)

I will not be able to make the Saturday, May 6th breakfast due to another commitment BUT as I previously told Randy on FB, I wil be attending the get together @ Your Place on Thursday, June 1st.  As I'm sure it would be great to see everyone at the upcoming May 6th am event, but, I already have a commitment for that am; however, I am looking forward to seeing everyone @ Randy's event on the 1st @ Your Place. wink 

05/05/17 04:06 PM #90    


Nancy Chavez


Dear Fellow Classmates

I am asking for your support to form a team -  CV Class of '73 - to come out to my annual walk and run.  Join us for the 13th Annual Randi’s Race: A 5K Run/Walk for Hope and Courage honoring my daughter, Randi Lee Trimble, Saturday, May 13, at 9 a.m., Adams Ricci Park, 100 East Penn Dr., Enola, and Cumberland County. Registration begins at 8 a.m. with a minimum donation of $20. The race is officially timed, and medals are awarded for first and second-place runners.  If you cannot attend, perhaps you would donate for the cause.  Visit out website at

To date, Randi’s Race has raised more than $354,000 to support programs and services offered through Randi’s House of Angels for children who are exposed to and/or are victims of domestic violence.  Funds raised support children attending Randi’s KIDz Club, a twelve week therapeutic group to help traumatized children, and Randi’s Camp, a three -day interactive summer camp for children. Lastly, a portion of the funds raised from Randi’s race has been donated to support four local Domestic Violence programs and other community agencies.


Nancy J. Chavez



06/25/17 01:32 PM #91    

Mina Hoover (Kerr)

Hello everyone!

Could we meet for breakfast again on Monday, July 31, 9 am, at the Middlesex Diner ?  I will be in PA that weekend.  I had such a great time a couple years ago catching up with a bunch of you.  Hope more can come this time!  

Mina Hoover Kerr, Wheaton, IL

01/24/18 08:58 PM #92    


Richard Sgrignoli

(Posted on CVHS73 Facebook Page - Reposting Here)


Greetings, Everyone!!!


While attending a couple of the various breakfasts and dinners among Class of ’73 classmates over the past months and years, invariably the topic of “old times” come up and we reminisce about former teachers and schools and friends.


You may have heard a while back about the newspaper articles alluding to the potential demolition of Good Hope Intermediate.  Some have expressed a desire, “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk those halls again and just check out the school one final time before it’s gone?!!!”


Well, last night, I decided to write an e-mail to the Good Hope Middle School Principal and to the Cumberland Valley Superintendent to inquire into the possibility of creating a video and/or allowing the Class of ’73 to take a tour of Good Hope since we were the first class to attend the school when it opened in 1967.


The below three (3) letters are provided for your review and discussion.  If you’d be interested in participating in the tour and video…maybe even appear in the video with some stories of your time there during those early years…that would be great!


Enjoy…especially the MOST POSITIVE responses by the Superintendent and Principal!!!




From: "Richard "Rick Sgrig" Sgrignoli" <>
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 5:01 PM
To: <>, <>
Subject: Good Hope Middle School Tour




My name is Richard E Sgrignoli.  I attended Cumberland Valley School District from 1961 thru 1973 (Silver Spring, Green Ridge, Silver Spring, Good Hope, Cumberland Valley).  As a member of the Class of 1973, we were fortunate to be the FIRST class to attend Good Hope (opened in 1967) and the FIRST class to attend the new high school (opened in 1972).


There was an article in the paper a while back about new schools being built and the impending retirement/demolition of Good Hope.


It has been years and year since I set foot in the school; however, for many of us who attended Good Hope in the early years, it was THE most advanced school of its time (the IMC, the Commons, the auditorium with the sliding walls, the lecture rooms, the tunnel from the locker rooms to the field, multiple gymnasiums, et cetera).


I have a request…..


I realize that in TODAY’s world, it would be highly discouraged or outright prohibited to allow one to walk the halls and take a video of the entire school “at will” and capture sights that would bring back memories, especially while the school is still being used.  I understand that.  Safety for the students comes first.




After the last class finally departs Good Hope…..and prior to the preparations for any demolition…..would it be possible for me to create a video of the school interior…..just walk the halls and visit the rooms one last time… that many of the former students can view and reminisce about the good ol’ days?  The Class of ’73 students occasionally get together for breakfasts and dinners, and some of our conversations obviously go back to Good Hope…..and some have even wondered at the possibility of, perhaps, allowing our “group” to take a tour of Good Hope at the discretion of the school leadership…whether it be with or without video permission.


Just reaching out proactively well in advance in event something may be arranged.  Accept our sincerest thanks for your consideration and feedback on if/when such an arrangement can be made, as well as the planned date (estimate) for the demolition.


Thank you.


Richard E Sgrignoli


PS:  I am Margeaux Sgrignoli’s father-in-law (Margeaux is a music instructor for the middle/elementary schools within the District).




From: Jeff Hosenfeld <>
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 9:06 AM
To: Frederick Withum <>, Richard Rick Sgrig Sgrignoli <>
Subject: Re: Good Hope Middle School Tour




Thanks for your email; how exciting for you and your classmates to have experienced the inauguration of 2 new schools!  There have been many changes over these last few years - both with the physical structure of Good Hope Middle School, and with the plans for a new building.  It is true that at one time there was a plan to demolish the building and construct a new building on the same property.  However, those plans changed and the district purchased land off Lambs Gap Road to create a new campus, which will house a brand new elementary school and a new middle school.  Students and staff from Good Hope will move to the new middle school for the 2019-2020 school year.  At this time, there is no plan for Good Hope to be demolished.  It will become vacant until the district develops a plan for its future use. 


That said, I'd be happy to arrange an opportunity for you and/or your colleagues to tour the existing school, and take video documentary as desired.  We can do this after the school day if you are interested.  Much has changed - the commons area is now a third cafeteria eating area.  Much of the IMC has been recently turned into 6 classrooms to accommodate increased enrollment.  We do still have the sliding walls in the auditorium, although they only work intermittently! :)  The locker room tunnel is still here, as are the two gymnasiums.  (Wait until you see the gymnasium space in our new building!). 


Let me know if you are interested in setting up a time to meet/tour.  We plan to occupy the building with classes through all of next school year, so there definitely isn't a rush, but I'd be thrilled to help you out whenever you're interested. 






Jeffrey B. Hosenfeld

Good Hope Middle School
451 Skyport Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050      

(717) 761-1865 / Fax: (717) 506-3940      




From: Frederick Withum <>
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 9:11 AM
To: Jeff Hosenfeld <>, <>
Subject: Re: Good Hope Middle School Tour


I see that Jeff beat me to the response. My first teaching job was in Good Hope in 1983. From your years as a student, my years as a teacher, and now my time as superintendent the heart and soul of Good Hope remains in tact. It as much a special place now as it always has been. If you do arrange a tour, please let me know when. I would love to join you. 



Frederick S. Withum III, Ed.D.
Superintendent Cumberland Valley School District



01/26/18 09:41 AM #93    


Marc Smith

Scrig:  What an excellent idea to tour the Good Hope School!  I for one would love to join in any tour that is arranged which would hopefully include the chance to video the interior.   

For what it's worth, back in the summer of 1996 I made a short video of just part of the exteriors of the middle school as well as the old CV high school and the "new" building which we occupied our senior year. This was prior to the massive demolition/reconstruction some time later that rendered the buildings as we knew them from 1969-1973 pretty much unrecognizable.  Not terribly exciting even with the period soundtrack I added to it (I inadvertently left the video camera running for a few minutes while I chased after my 7 year old daughter who was running around the baseball field), but at least it records a few images which are now gone forever. I'd be happy to bring this to one of our future gatherings if there is way to play a dvd on one of the venue's tvs.   

Thanks for undertaking this.  Best regards,


Marc Smith    

01/27/18 04:07 PM #94    


Joan Stagner (Beers)

Because I live in Georgia, it is unlikely that I would be able to participate in a tour. If those of you who get to go through the school take pictures or video, please post.
Joan Stagner Beers


01/27/18 04:56 PM #95    


Stephen Kapp

I still remember playing the song "Incense and Peppermints" by The Strawberry Alarm Clock on the juke box at Good Hope for 5 cents a song!  

01/27/18 05:51 PM #96    

Mina Hoover (Kerr)

Me too!  I wonder if the planetarium still works.  I remember our 7th grade English teacher (Mrs. Boyle?) putting on a very psychedelic light show for us in there and then asking us to writie about it.  Very hippy!  

01/28/18 10:39 AM #97    


Robert Garrison

I was in the high school for the first time since the mid 70’s recently and, with the help of my granddaughter, a CV cheerleader, found our class of 73 gift to the school. The lettering on the small plaque is barely legible, but the eagle looks great. Here’s a photo.


01/28/18 01:37 PM #98    


Shari Baran (Zimmerman)

Bob ... isn’t the Eagle situated just inside the front door before you head back the hallway??  My husband & I were there for visit when it was open house during, I think it was a homecoming game.   

01/29/18 04:07 PM #99    


Robert Garrison

I believe you’re correct. I came in on the other side from the parking lot so I initially missed it. I kind of recall it sitting directly up from the main gym doors, but that’s no longer the case. A lot of changes since we went there, plus my memory could be a bit “fuzzy”.

01/29/18 04:55 PM #100    


Richard Sgrignoli


I had asked the Good Hope Principal what his thoughts were with regards to tour dates/times which would be out of the question and/or preferred...wanting to allow many of our Class of '73 to participate, given all your schedules, yet take his time into consideration, as well. His response is below.

Given his response, seeking feedback from all of you in terms of your preferences (i.e. Weeknight better? Weekend better? Perhaps scheduling in conjunction with the Year 45 Reunion Weekend Activities?). Again, it appears he is very open to accommodating us, so now WE need to come up with the best option so that the majority of those who want to come along are able to. Please provide feedback below. Thanks.


From: Jeff Hosenfeld <>
Date: Monday, January 29, 2018 at 10:50 AM
To: Frederick Withum <>, Richard Rick Sgrig Sgrignoli <>
Subject: Re: Good Hope Middle School Tour

Hi Rick,

I'm sure my schedule is more flexible than Fred's, but this seems like a really neat opportunity so I'd certainly be willing to come in on a weekend or stay late some night. School ends at 3:00pm during the week, so a weekday visit would need to happen after that. If you choose a weekend, I would just come back to school to join you. Or if I have a family conflict, I could see if our Asst. Principal is available. Are you thinking this spring, or next school year? 

Jeffrey B. Hosenfeld
Good Hope Middle School

01/30/18 11:10 AM #101    


Shari Baran (Zimmerman)

Richard .... since we are retired, our time is pretty much open w/the exception of my husband's Band rehearsals  [regular - Tues. & Swing Band & Brd mtgs - Thursday] & their Summer concerts are 'usually' Sundays.  Another thought for us is IF and When we decide to take our next trip abroad .... either Ireland again or Germany this time.  Last year it was Ireland for 2 wonderful wks & I wasn't ready to come back home yet.   Let me know if you need any assistance w/this.

As far as the Class Reunion, may I suggest perhaps taking a day ie: to Inner Harbor & then take the Harbor Cruise in the evening as way of capping off the day.  Know it's nothing quite as exotic as stated in your one comment (LOL) but it would be a little bit different in addition to some of those classmates who live a little further & usually can't make it back to PA, perhaps getting a little closer to some of them would be a bit better.  Just a suggestion.  


01/30/18 10:48 PM #102    


Richard Sgrignoli

As I go through the roster and focus on those "missing" classmates with no contact info, I'm also researching the "Find a Grave" site for any unfortunate occurrences of departures.  Hoping that I find none listed, I wasn't so lucky.  It is with sadness that I found that one of our classmates, Linda (Furlan) Gregg passed away last year (5 August 2017) due to cancer.  RIP Linda.....


02/02/18 05:44 PM #103    

Marla Waggoner (Hocker)

I would like to attend the Good Hope tour. I am available any night or week-end. Also if given enough notice can take the day off if it is scheduled for a week day during the day.  Also have there been any breakfasts or other get togethers lately? I was getting them on my e-mail but have not received any for a few months.

08/18/18 02:40 PM #104    


Richard Sgrignoli

Cumberland Valley Class of 1973

Official/Unofficial Reunion

Saturday 13 October 2018

6:00pm to 10:00pm

Your Place Restaurant & Sports Pub

6035 Carlisle Pike - Mechanicsburg


Musical Entertainment:  Dale Stipe


Also - Attempting to arrange a Good Hope Middle School Tour for the same weekend.


If planning to attend - even if potential - please respond accordingly.  The more attending, the more it will entice others to attend and reunite.  If a Facebook user, you may also respond on the CVHS73 Facebook Page, as well.


08/21/18 10:20 AM #105    


Marc Smith

Good news, Scrig.  Great thanks for your efforts in arranging this.  I will certainly attend the event and the Good Hope tour as well if it is available.


Marc Smith

08/21/18 04:16 PM #106    


Richard Sgrignoli

Thanks, Marc, for your kind words.  However, I cannot take ANY credit for this whatsoever.  I feel very guilty and awkward for not doing more to schedule a more formal reunion get-together, but 2018 has been extremely busy and unpredictable.  But, Randy Parsons and Doug Miller truly deserve all the credit for arranging the October Reunion.  They ran with it.  And I believe Trudy Neumyer (Saraiva) is running with the Good Hope Tour during that time, as well.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend either, as I will be out in Arizona during that week/weekend.  Hopefully, this turnout will be the largest in years, and I wish everyone the best and a great time together.



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